Five Months in Three Minutes

So I’ve been away for 5 months from april to early september. Each day I took 1 second of video on a dodgy little compact and this is that time. Makes me a bit nostalgic now, wish I could do it all again.
Oh well back to work, got to earn to do it all again!



Hive: Custom Reel Sting & Content

I was asked to make a long standing clients reel.

I created custom animations to display some web and graphics they have created as well as a ‘reel sting’ to ‘introduce’ the montage.
Heres some of the new content I created as well as a little peek at an ongoing project.
And a nice piece of choppy music from Rahat Tarafder really made this whole thing work (though I have just chopped it a bit for this vid) more from him here
And check the Hive site here