Testing Presets

I had a spare day so decided to make a load of the assets I’d made lately, for recent projects, into presets, hopefully, with the aim of saving a half ton of time in the future.

I wanted to test a bunch of them out and see how much time I could save (ish). The actual motion of this took about 5 mins to make and then I just had to go and apply the colours so it wasn’t all white. For the time spent I’m pretty happy.

Hive: Custom Reel Sting & Content

I was asked to make a long standing clients reel.

I created custom animations to display some web and graphics they have created as well as a ‘reel sting’ to ‘introduce’ the montage.
Heres some of the new content I created as well as a little peek at an ongoing project.
And a nice piece of choppy music from Rahat Tarafder really made this whole thing work (though I have just chopped it a bit for this vid) more from him here
And check the Hive site here

UnLtd South Africa: It all started with an individual

The story of UnLtd in South Africa so far (CHECK THEM OUT)

The voice over is by Pat Pillai, a South African television journalist and presenter

This piece was created for the social entrepreneurial charity, UnLtd South Africa to show where they’ve come from, where they’re going, and how they’re going to be doing it.

So I finally finished it, 3 weeks total (dotted around paid work). Late nights, and the like, But its completed. I feel theres still work to do, I’d like to refine some of the transitions/assets and put some sound on it (other than the VO) so lets call this a work in progress, I’ll come back and do more on it soon!

Camera Tracking Dino Test

Something I’ve been meaning to learn/test-myself-on for a while, and this is my firs crack at it. It’s nothing too fancy, just comping a model to a wall but its a start. Next up, get some cool animation in there!

Sorry the video is such a crappy quality, I was using a compact as the proper cam was out of juice and I “couldn’t” wait for it to charge.

W.I.P. The UnLtd South Africa Story

A work in progress at this stage as the full piece is to be about 4mins long but due to time constraints this cut is getting a screening today so I figure it should be ok to go online, so far this is 6 days work and my first real deep plunge into animating (almost) solely in After Effects. Due to the rushed deadline some parts aren’t final but ‘quick to make’ place holders for more complex final ideas that need a bit more time

The voice over is Pat Pillai, a South African television journalist and presenter.